John Poland


John embraced Yoga at the start of the global pandemic. Free online classes provided by Himalaya Yoga Valley were very much appreciated at an uncertain time in all our lives. Regular Yoga practice provided John with a solid grounding and put things into perspective for him during this period. John wanted to learn more about Yoga and decided to take on the 200-hour teacher training which he completed in August 2021.

John also trains regularly as a martial artist and has studied Shotokan Karate (a Japanese martial art) for over 40 years. He is a firm believer that his Yoga practice complements his Karate training and will enable him to continue to train as he gets older.

There are lot of overlaps between Yoga and Karate. One only must look at the Warrior asanas (Virabhadrasana 1,2 &3, Humble & Reverse) to see the glaring similarities between them. Focusing on your breathing is also an important aspect of Karate as well as Yoga.

John’s Partner Bernadette is also a Himalaya Yoga Valley teacher, and he notes that as a couple, it is a great practice to share.