Some recommendations from our wonderful clients! 

“I’ve practised yoga in both Canada and Cork over the past few years! I joined Himalaya Yoga Valley in September and the one difference I see with yoga here, is no matter where you are in developing your own practice, you will always get personal attention by your teachers. They have classes to suit absolutely everybody. There is a really friendly vibe in the studios and the staff are great to mingle and make you feel at ease. The prices are really reasonable. I would definitely recommend yoga for men as it builds muscle strength and I have found it supported me in my pursuit of others sports!”

Dev Cudail

“I attended my first class with the amazing Lisa Fahy and for the first time in 3.5 years I got a full nights sleep. Within a few weeks of attending restorative yoga classes my sleep pattern turned around completely. I began to notice profound changes going on with my own mind, how I viewed life, feelings & emotions in general about everything in my life. The mental benefits that came from the practice were so profound that I have not stopped since and now it’s just part of my everyday life. The physical changes have also been amazing but I always consider this a side effect. You cannot pay for the inner peace and calmness this practice brings you.”

Niamh O’Sullivan

“We have been running Chair Yoga classes every Tuesday from 1-2pm in our offices, and it’s a huge success. It not only improves flexibility but also improves our mood, decreases stress and allows us to reconnect with our breath. We work in a very busy stressful environment and this hour of yoga combined with stretching and meditation is extremely important for us to allow us to concentrate and carry on with our day. It has been noted that we are much more productive as a result! Our teacher Anca is absolutely fantastic – one of the best I have had. She is so gentle and calm and she creates such a lovely atmosphere when she walks into the room. We are very lucky to have her as our teacher.”

Diane Keaveney 

“I started yoga in my late forties with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre on the advice of a friend.  Although I had always maintained a reasonable level of fitness, I suffered from asthma which was allergy-driven.    Yoga has taught me how to breathe properly again and my asthma has improved dramatically.  My flexibility, range of movement and posture have all improved.  Yoga offers not just a great work-out but it also helps you find inner peace and calm.

The teachers at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre are all professionally trained – they are warm, friendly, encouraging and patient in a welcoming space.   Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre has classes for all levels (for beginners and upwards) seven days a week and these classes allow you to progress at your pace.  Regardless of your age, level of fitness or lifestyle, I cannot recommend  Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre highly enough.”

David Madden 

“As a Programmes Supervisor with RehabCare, I am constantly on the lookout for activities and tutors which embody the guiding principles and ethos of our organisation, central to which is that our service users participate in the life of their local community, with each person being valued as a worthwhile member of that community.

Having practiced yoga myself for a number of years, I was aware of the numerous benefits it has to offer and was keen to give our service users the opportunity to learn about it for themselves in a local, easily accessible venue. With this in mind, we began attending the New Beginnings Level 1 class in Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre. All the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Staff, from the office manager, yoga tutors themselves right through to the proprietor were friendly and encouraging at all times and helped alleviate any fears or concerns people may have had.

I would highly recommend Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre studio to anybody working in or using the services of, an organisation for people with special needs.”

Michelle Murphy
Programmes Supervisor
Rehabcare Bruach

“I first started yoga because I was in a stressful job and needed a release at the end of the day. Yoga was perfect for me because it helped me clear my head and stay in the moment. It gave me peace of mind and clarity. Yoga has helped me considerably in my everyday life. I feel more flexible and stronger because of yoga. I can now touch my toes and open the lid of a jar which I could not before!!”

Naofa Finucane

“I started attending Himalaya Yoga Valley Cork in 2013 after moving to Ireland from the United States. Immediately I was met with a cozy place to do my practice as well as a sense of community and belonging. Through the guidance of many extraordinary teachers my practice both physically and spiritually has flourished. The studio has helped improve all aspects of my life from alleviating my struggles with stress and worry through my breathe to developing greater patience in the world around me through my asanas. Be it on the golf course or in the office the teachings of HYVC have transformed me. In finding Himalaya Yoga Valley Cork I have also found a greater version of myself.”

Kerry McLaughlin