Our classes

We have a class for every body at Himalaya Yoga Valley in our studios and online on our virtual yoga platform. From complete beginners to advanced practitioners- we have something to suit everyone. Our teachers and team are friendly and welcoming and we are honored that thousands of our students in Cork who had never done a class before started and continued their yoga journey with us!

We cater for every shape, size, background and fitness level. Our students are athletes, mothers, runners, retirees, students, granddads, fathers – everybody! Come and join us for a class and reap the rewards of a yoga practice.

Booking Classes

You can first purchase a class pass or membership at our prices page and then book any class online at the Booking & Schedule page.


A note on levels

We encourage students to concentrate on progress without getting fixated on asanas they can or cannot “do” – there will always be postures that are more challenging for some than others. We can learn so much from each asana regardless of where we are within the pose. Provided we are practicing with integrity we can always progress. Remember that it is a yoga practice not a yoga perfect!

If you wish to move from one level to another such as Beginners to Intermediate you can always try a class out and see how it feels. Modifications are always offered. If you are unsure of which class is for you we will happily guide you. Remember that there is no up and down in yoga – think of the different classes in a circle rather than a ladder. Students who have been practicing advanced classes can really benefit from taking a slower paced class and vice versa. Try to vary the classes you attend to enrich your practice.