The Happiness Project with Aislinn Cambridge

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The Happiness Project With Aislinn Cambridge.

Date:Nov 30th
Time: 12.00-18.00
Location:Penrose Wharf Studio

A workshop designed to give participants the tools to create their perfect day every day.

It covers all areas of our day from the first breath when we wake in the morning to our nutrition, hydration, movement, mind-set, relaxation, relationships and finally the last thing we do at the end of our day, sleep. The workshop is run in a relaxed, interactive and fun environment and the worst that can happen is you will feel happier!

About Aislinn Cambridge:

Aislinn Cambridge has spent nearly fourteen years immersing herself in the health and wellness
industries and nearly twenty years in the fitness industry.

Aislinn is a nutritional therapy practitioner, wellness specialist, author, Minister, Celebrant, as well as an inspirational speaker. Over the years, she has worked in many different areas of wellness, ranging from physical health, mental health, weight-loss, sports nutrition, personal training and mind set training. Aislinn’s unique way of dealing with people has earned her the label of Minister4Happiness and, today, this is her business name. She takes every opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with whomever she works with. Her personal philosophy is ‘making happiness a habit’. She is the author of the novel ’21 Sleeps’; available in Here’s Health stores and on Amazon. One of Aislinn’s life goals is to be a ‘people millionaire’ and every person she meets, she values, knowing they bring her closer to that goal.

Workshop price: €60*
*Workshop fee is transferable if cancelled at least 24h beforehand, but non-refundable.

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