July’s Yoga Themed Class at Himalaya Yoga Valley

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Did you know have over 300 classes for you to choose from every month at our studios in the City, Ballincollig, and online? And each month we also add new themes to keep our classes fresh, as well as keeping all of your firm favorites on the schedule for consistency!

Remember- you can attend any of our studios as a member or pass holder! We have plenty of parking on-site in Ballincollig and our City Centre South Mall studio is a stunning space in the heart of the city.

This month at Himalaya Yoga Valley, we’re excited to introduce a series of newly yoga themed classes across our Ballincollig, South Mall, and Online studios, each designed by our senior teacher Lisa to help you find balance, build strength, and mobility as well as tending to your emotional and mental health needs.


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Join us at our Ballincollig Studio for a new range of classes that our senior teachers have curated to help you bring clear focus to your practise and areas of the body and mind!

Tuesday: Activate Your Glutes Yoga Intermediate
 5:30 PM
Strengthen and tone your glutes with focused yoga postures. This class will help improve your stability and support your lower back, enhancing your overall posture.

Wednesday: Twist and Flow Detox Yoga Mixed Level
5:30 PM

Detoxify and rejuvenate with twists that cleanse the body and improve digestion. This class helps release tension and restore balance.

Thursday: Open Your Heart and Spine Mixed Level Flow
7:00 PM

Open your heart and spine to enhance flexibility and relieve tension. This flow helps improve your posture and emotional well-being.

Friday: Side Body Release & Twists Mixed Level Flow
9:30 AM

Release tension in the side body and improve flexibility with gentle twists and stretches. This class promotes relaxation and mobility.



Join us at our South Mall studio where our exciting new yoga themed classes have been designed to help you advance your practise and build strength:

Tuesday: Quads and Hamstrings Intermediate
11:30 AM

Strengthen and stretch your quads and hamstrings to improve flexibility and support your lower body. This class is essential for overall leg and lower back health. Great for runners, cyclists and those with lower back issues.

Tuesday: Advance Your Practice – Journey to Pincha Mayurasana
6:30 PM

Join our Lead Teacher Lisa for this fun and challenging class that helps you work progressively over the month towards a classic arm balance from the Ashtanga Primary Series: Pincha Mayurasana. This class is designed to help you reach new limits with our most experienced teacher.

Thursday: Strong & Slow Supple Spine and Shoulders Intermediate
5:30 PM

Build strength and flexibility in your spine and shoulders with asanas that are dedicated to increasing openness and mobility in this area and undoing mechanical stresses that come with desk life! This is one of our most popular classes on the schedule.

Saturday: Yoga for Strength
11:30 AM

Build full-body strength and endurance with this powerful yoga session. This class helps improve muscle mass and bone density, perfect for those looking to awaken their inner power and increase performance.



Prefer online classes? Our Online studio offers the flexibility to join from anywhere while targeting key areas to enhance your practice:

Monday: Body and Mind Balance Mixed Level Flow
7:15 AM

Start your week with a balanced flow that harmonizes your body and mind, setting the tone for a peaceful and productive week.

Tuesday: Activate Your Glutes Yoga Intermediate
10:00 AM

Focus on strengthening your glutes to improve stability and support your lower back, enhancing your overall posture.

Wednesday: Healthy, Happy Hips and Psoas Mixed Level Flow
6:30 PM

Sitting at a desk all day? This class is for you! Release tension in the lower back, open the psoas, and nourish connective tissue to improve mobility.

Thursday: Yoga for Strength
7:15 AM

Build full-body strength and endurance with a powerful yoga session. This class helps improve muscle mass and bone density, awakening your inner power and boosting performance.

Friday: Shoulders, Neck, and Back Release Mixed Level
7:15 AM

End your week with a session focused on relieving tension in the shoulders, neck, and back, promoting relaxation and comfort. This class is ideal for releasing the built-up stress from daily activities and improving posture.

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Experience the benefits of a dedicated yoga practice this July. Our yoga themed classes are crafted to help you achieve your wellness goals and find inner peace. Join our community and embrace the energy of summer.