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We hope this email finds you in good health and high spirits! As we step into the new year, we’re excited to introduce an exciting lineup of BRAND NEW CLASSES at Himalaya Yoga Valley including FREE 90-Minute Members Masterclass every month and our FREE 90 Minute Sunday Soothe Classes for Members- our commitment to our community! We also have a host of other new classes to keep your yoga fresh.

Our Lead Teacher Lisa has been working hard behind the scenes with our team to curate and sequence a host of new classes for every level of practitioner at our studio

Read on to find out more :

South Mall: Gentle Strength Yoga

Join us in a journey of slow and steady self-discovery with our new class, designed to build strength gently and mindfully. This uniquely crafted session incorporates Hatha Yoga Asanas, pranayama, and relaxation for a perfect balance.
Suitable for all ages, including those with autoimmune diseases or recovering from injuries. Experience enhanced joint health, muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation. Read this blog to learn more.
Classes every Wednesday from 10-11 AM at South Mall.

South Mall & Ballincollig Studio: Rise and Shine Flow

4 days a week you can now begin your mornings with purpose and energy! Join us for “Rise and Shine Flow,” in South Mall and Ballincollig  – the perfect way to kickstart a morning routine grounded in wellbeing. You can park up eaily and for free at this hour in both locations and build a sustainable morning routine with us.
What is the class like? Dynamic, awakening and grounding! Flow to enhanced resilience and better mobility with this revitalizing morning practice.
Here is the ‘Rise and Shine Flow’ schedule:
South Mall every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 AM
Ballincollig every Thursday and Friday at 6:30 AM

South Mall: Advance your Practice- Journey to Yantrasana

Want to advance your practice? Join “Advance Your Practice” with Senior Teacher Lisa! Over 4 weeks, we will be working on different advanced asanas each month, offering you a varied and enriching practice.

Here’s what January has in store for you:
Journey to Yantrasana – Experience a dynamic vinyasa flow during the first half, focusing on building strength and flexibility. In the second half, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Yantrasana. Discover tips and techniques to approach and develop this invigorating pose, a perfect blend of hips, hamstrings, and shoulder opening.
Read this blog to learn more.
Classes every Tuesday at  6:30 PM at South Mall Studio.


South Mall: Core Strength Flow with Senior Teacher Lisa
Join us every Monday at 5:30 PM at South Mall Studio for a Core Strength class. Our Core Strength Flow offers essential benefits for your overall well-being, focusing on the crucial foundation of your body. Strengthening your core is not just about achieving a sculpted midsection; it’s about enhancing stability and strength for your daily activities.
By participating in this class, you’ll experience improved posture, reducing the risk of back pain and promoting a healthier spine. Additionally, the targeted exercises will contribute to better balance and coordination, supporting you in various everyday tasks. See you on the mat

South Mall & Ballincollig Studio: Sunday Soothe Masterclass

Nourish the nervous system and prepare for the week ahead with our new 90 minute “Sunday Soothe” starting January 14th at 3 PM. Led by the experienced restorative teacher Cassandra, this 90-minute retreat from the world alternates between South Mall and Ballincollig. Designed to help you find haven within, the class combines gentle yoga, meditation, and breathwork to release tension. Join for stress relief, mindful connection, and a supportive community. FREE for members, €20 for non-members.


South Mall & Ballincollig Studio: Bimonthly Members Masterclass

Our new masterclasses (FREE for members) are an opportunity for regular yoga students of all levels to find depth of practise in particular areas, focuses, themes, and modalities that a regular class may not have the time to afford exploration of. These classes are a great way for students to access more granular insights into specific areas whilst still enjoying the flow of a class. You can think of our masterclasses as a bridge between a regular class and a workshop.

We begin our series of masterclasses with our Ashtanga Half Primary Series masterclass starting January 20th! Led by senior teacher Lisa Fahy, this is unique opportunity for yogis of all levels to delve deep into the traditional indigenous system of Ashtanga yoga.
Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, these masterclasses are designed to meet you at your current level while encouraging growth and exploration.
Read this blog to learn more.
Start Date: January 20th
Time: Every Sunday at 2 PM
Instructor:Lisa Fahy
Locations:South Mall & Ballincollig (alternating every 2 weeks)
Price: FREE for members, €20 for non-members.

We would like to wish each and every one of our community a very Happy New Year and thank you for being part of our collective. We have some very exciting workshops and events coming up in 2024, and you can keep an eye out in your inbox for these!

Do you have any questions about our yoga classes, or would you like to offer us any feedback that will help shape your studio? Just reply to this email or jump on a chat with us!

Happy New Year!

Yours in Yoga,
Team Himalaya