New Class Themes for March!

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We are back with brand new themes as a new month begins!

Each month we run brand new themes across our classes to keep them fresh and engaging for our clients!

This March we have some really exciting new themes for online and in-person classes.

Ālaya Yoga Online Themes

  • Monday 07:15 am – Open the Heart and Spine Intermediate
  • Tuesday 11:00 am – Quads & Hamstring Mixed Level
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm – Shoulder, Neck and Back Release Mixed Level
  • Thursday  07:15 am  – Core Focus & Srm Balance Advance
  • Friday  07:15 am  – Yoga for Strength Intermediate

Ballincollig Yoga Studio Themes 

  • Tuesday 5.30 pm – Quads & Hamstring Mixed Level
  • Wednesday  5.30 pm – Heart Opening Mind and Body Refresh Mixed Level
  • Thursday: 7:00 pm – Core Focus Strong & Slow Intermediate
  • Friday 9.30 am – Chakra Focus (First two Fridays), Healthy & Happy Spine Mixed Level Flow(Next three Fridays)

Midleton Yoga Studio Themes 

  • Monday 6:30 pm – Happy Healthy Hips and Psoas Mixed Level Flow
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm – Core Focus Strong & Slow
  • Friday  6.30 pm – Shoulders, Neck and Back Release Mixed Level

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