New Class – South Mall: Gentle Strength Yoga

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Immerse yourself in a journey of slow and steady self-discovery as you join us in this uniquely crafted new class.
This class is to build strength gently and mindfully

Description: This slow and steady class is designed to help you build strength in a gentle and mindful way. We use Hatha Yoga Asanas, pranayama, and relaxation. A perfect balance to help you feel stronger, more mobile, flexible, and peaceful.

Suitable for: Our gentle classes are for absolutely everyone of all ages. These sequences benefit our clients with autoimmune diseases, pre and post-natal clients, and those recovering from or managing illness or injuries.

Effects: We pay particular attention to joint health and muscle tone. Promotes a healthy nervous system, flexibility and coordination, and relaxation

Save the Date: Starting January 3rd, and every Wednesday thereafter!
Location: South Mall
Time: 10-11 AM

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