Pregnancy Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

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Join us for a prenatal yoga class! See the Q&A’s below.

I have never practiced yoga before can I still join a class?
Definitely! Pregnancy is actually a time when many women start yoga due to being a gentle and safe exercise for pregnancy. Many of them continue their practice for years after they have their babies. All of the postures can be modified to the level of the student and stage of the pregnancy.

When can I start a pregnancy yoga class?

It is recommended to start a class after the first trimester of your pregnancy. During the first trimester, your body is going through many changes. Rest and relaxation is best during this time until energy levels have returned to normal which usually happens during the second trimester. If you are unsure, ask your doctor. You can join a pregnancy yoga class anytime during the second or third trimester, at any stage, it’s never too late.

I already practice yoga, is it O.K. to continue with my normal yoga classes?
Yes if you already have a regular practice, but make sure you let your teacher know so they can show you some modifications of postures and those to avoid. During the first trimester your body needs rest and relaxation but if your energy levels are O.K. and you feel comfortable in your practice you can continue to come to your regular class or a gentler level class. It is best to slow down your pace and always listen to your body.

I have had complications with pregnancy, should I still come to a prenatal yoga class?
Our pregnancy yoga classes are very gentle and can be of great help to many complications and discomforts that can come with some pregnancies, however it is important to get approval from your doctor first and it is absolutely essential that you let your teacher know about these complications.

Why should I do pregnancy yoga?

Here are some benefits of yoga      

Yoga improves the blood circulation and minimizes the problems of water retention and edema.

Yoga reduces the anxiety and stress and induces a relaxing sleep. It helps women adapt to the new situations.

It successfully expels toxins from the body and improves digestion.

Yoga is a safe way for strengthening muscles and joints.

It regulates blood pressure and sugar levels in body and thus helps in preventing the risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Yoga stimulates the nerves and calms the body and mind. Breathing exercises regulate the hormones and emotions.

Yoga improves the posture and thus helps in easing back problems which are common in most of the pregnant women.

Regular practice of yoga stretches many ligaments throughout the pelvic, hip and leg areas, which eases labor pain.

Breathing exercises reduce mood swings, nausea and morning sickness.

Yoga strengthens the abdominal muscles which take part in pushing the baby through the birth canal.

 I would like to find our more.Who can I talk to?

Please drop us a line, call in to the studio or send us an email and we will be in touch with you.

Do I need to bring anything?

We have absolutely everything including mats and props at the centre. Just come wearing comfy clothes and you are good to go! Please come 10 minutes early for your first class.

Will it be expensive?

We know that you already have plenty of shopping to do for your new arrival and that’s why our pregnancy classes although specialty are our usual super affordable prices. See here for class pass and single drop in class price details.