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Yoga in the Park August 5th

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Come and join us for Yoga in the Park tomorrow morning at 10am!! Don’t forget your yoga mat and donation for Cork Simon Community!!


We are hiring!

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Hiring Pic


We are currently seeking a friendly, customer service orientated administrative assistant who has a keen interest in marketing & social media.
If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your application & CV to hyvcoffice@gmail.com. If you require more details about the role please request this with your application.
Applications will close on Sunday 6th August 2017.

Exciting expansion news from Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre

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Cork city’s premier yoga centre, Himalaya Yoga Valley-one of the largest yoga centres in Ireland, is opening a new studio in Ballincollig! Due to the sensational success of the Cork City centre in Penrose Wharf, which has grown from strength to strength over the last 5 years the demand for more space, classes and yoga services has increased greatly in outer Cork areas. To meet this demand, Himalaya Yoga Valley will open a dedicated yoga studio in Ballincollig this summer.

This is a very exciting time for Cork’s yoga community, the company, the teachers and staff. Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre has operated an international yoga training and retreat centre in India for more than a decade and opened its centre in Cork City in 2012.

“We are very proud of the yoga community we’ve grown in Cork over the past five years,” said Director Maeve O’Brien. “Our classes are accessible to everybody and the numbers practicing yoga have grown exponentially year on year. We have listened to the feedback from our regular clients and recognise the need to have an express service in the suburban areas. Himalaya Yoga Valley staff and teachers are excited to see newcomers from Ballincollig and surrounds and all our clients from the past five years to experience the new studio for themselves.”

Highlights of the new location include:

  • Ballincollig’s first dedicated yoga space
  • Optimal location on the Link Road with plenty of parking
  • New to Yoga, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels catered for
  • Specialising in yoga for sports & fitness enthusiasts
  • Beautiful spacious studio and highly qualified teachers

The founder & Director of Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre, Yogacharya Lalit from India, has taught nationally and internationally for the past 15 years, graduating thousands of students at his training centres in Goa, Dharamshala and Thailand, as well as here in Ireland. The vibrant teaching team at the Cork City centre have all been trained by Lalit in India or Ireland, and through their classes share traditional yoga teachings from India with an emphasis on improving physical, emotional and mental health.

Yogacharya Lalit will be in attendance to open the centre on a date to be announced. Over the opening week he and his team of highly qualified yoga teachers will teach free classes for our new and valued clients and those wishing to begin their yoga journey.

For press enquiries of more information, please contact:
Anne Marie Ruby, General Manager (021) 427 9696 info@yogacorkireland.com

Celebrate our 5 year anniversary with FREE workshops with school founder Lalit

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To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, our school founder Yogacharya Lalit is running some FREE (yes we said FREE!)
Yoga Workshops in the centre
on 15th & 16th July.

These workshops are available to our loyal clients as a thank you for all the support over the past 5 years! We will have further announcements to celebrate our 5 year anniversary this month so stay tuned!!

Lalit is delighted to be passing on the traditions of Yoga to our Cork yogis! He has over 15 years experience teaching nationally and internationally. He’s a prominent and established yoga teacher in the global yoga community with a strong following within the yoga teaching world.

Below is a list of the workshops available and booking is essential!


Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners
Saturday 15th July

A great opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of beginning a dynamic, traditional Ashtanga yoga practice with Lalit.

Book Now using the Mindbody app or website www.yogacorkireland.com to book online or text 0858566565 to reserve a place!


Vinyasa Flow Class with Hip Opening Focus for All Levels
Saturday 15th July

This class is open to those wishing to focus on building heat, energy and prana through plenty of dynamic movement using Vinyasas. A well rounded series with a focus on hip openers throughout.

Book Now using the Mindbody app or website www.yogacorkireland.com to book online or text 0858566565 to reserve a place!


Led Primary Series Class with exploration of the Second Series Back Bends for existing Ashtanga Yoga and Intermediate Practitioners
Sunday 16th July

This masterclass takes students through the Primary Series with plenty of adjustments, attention to precise alignment and techniques on the front and back body through the exploration of first and second series backbends.

Book Now using the Mindbody app or website www.yogacorkireland.com to book online or text 0858566565 to reserve a place!

Below is video with Lalit’s personal story about yoga and balance as a taster for more to come with the workshops! Enjoy!


July Yoga Sale

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Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre Cork is open 5 years and to celebrate for the month of July we’re offering


4 weeks unlimited yoga for just €50 (usually €112).


 4 Week Unlimited Yoga Passes can be purchased on our website, through the mindbody app,
by calling 021 4279696 or at the studio.


JULY 2017 Sale Poster for Print-page-001

Get to know our Teachers-Lisa Fahy

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What was your path from practitioner to teacher?
I took up Satyananda yoga about 10 years ago as I had constant back pain that I was hoping to relieve. I remember also wanting to find some mental focus and clarity as I was just out of college and making a lot of big life decisions. It certainly gave me all of things and so much more-I loved it. I had a very inspiring teacher Aoife Kelly who has since moved to America and getting to know her showed me that it was more than just a class, it was a way of life. A way to be a kinder, happier, healthier person by freeing the mind and body of tension and blockages. It was after I went to my first yoga retreat that I started to think about a career in yoga. I had studied and been working in social care so always wanted my work to involve helping people. I kept it to the back of my mind and continued to deepen my own practice and knowledge. Somewhere along the way I discovered Ashtanga yoga and even though I found it extremely challenging I just loved the way it made me feel, so mentally positive and physically strong, my mind never felt clearer, my back never felt better. It gave me more motivation in all aspects of life. I began to research teacher training courses and decided to take up a yearlong night course in massage therapy to get a good understanding of the anatomy of the body first as I didn’t feel quite ready. I’ve known many great teachers who studied yoga teacher training very soon into their yoga journey but I wanted to take a slower approach as my vision was to make a complete career change when the time was right. I chose to study with Lalit and his amazing team at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Goa, India after taking a few workshops with him in Cork. Choosing that course was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, both on a personal and professional level.

What is your favourite pose and why? Are there any poses that are difficult for you?
Ustrasana is one of my favourite poses, I just love how it feels, I love the stretch across my chest and feeling strong enough to hold myself so comfortably in this pose now, I still remember how difficult I used to find it. Backbends are much more challenging for me than forward bends and hip openers but in a way that makes them my favourite. I love how they make me feel more invigorated and happy, while forcing me to drop the ego.

What’s the most important thing yoga has taught you?
The Yamas are the first limb of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. Yamas deals with our ethical standards and how we conduct ourselves in life. Ahimsa is the first Yama and it means nonviolence. Deeper study of Ahimsa has taught me that it’s not only about being a vegetarian and not harming people but to also drop harmful or judgmental thoughts about myself and others too. It takes a lot of practice to change thinking patterns but it’s incredibly freeing when it works. Of course, it’s an ongoing practice and sometimes a struggle, but not only do I see the best in everyone now, I also subconsciously feel that everyone else is doing the same (I know they’re probably not) so I don’t feel judged or thought of negatively by others either. It’s a much happier and easier way to live life.

How does your own practice fit in?
I try to practice yoga as a way of life by following the Yamas and Niyamas. My main asana practice is Ashtanga but I also love to do a gentle, more restorative practice in the evenings or on certain days of the month. In the summer, I like to practice in the morning before work but in the winter I prefer to sleep in and practice in the afternoons.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga that you’d like to address?
I have 2:
1)    That yoga is for women – For centuries in India yoga was only practiced by men and when it spread across the western world it was embraced by women, which is wonderful but men seemed to shy away from it. They unfortunately missed out on learning these amazing tools to promote their mental and physical health. Thankfully we’re seeing a big change and almost a third of our clients are men who are enjoying the benefits of the practice. And one of the great things about yoga being a non-competitive activity is that families and friends can all practice together, we have classes with brothers and sisters, couples, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons attending together practicing at their own pace.
2)    That yoga is only for the flexible – let’s set the spiritual, emotional, mental and physiological benefits aside for a moment and only look at the physical part of the practice. It makes no sense that all the stiff people in the world should just grow old, getting stiffer and stiffer while the people who have a lot of flexibility naturally get to keep doing the splits until they’re 95. This is not at all what yoga is about. You might never touch your toes or get your leg behind your head or whatever it is that you think yogis do. So what? The stretches are practiced to release tension, tightness, stress and maybe even pain from the body, resulting in more comfort, mobility, energy, injury prevention and better posture.
What’s the most memorable thing that’s ever happened in your class?
It wasn’t during a class but a really lovely couple got engaged on one of my yoga retreats on Heir Island. It was particularly special because they had actually met in Goa while on retreat with Himalaya Yoga Valley. Everyone on our retreat was elated and we all celebrated with them that evening. They even came back to Heir Island last year while expecting their first child! They have a special place in our hearts at HYVC.
Any gentle etiquette reminders you’d like to give students?
Remember to take your shoes off before entering the studio and put your phone away on silent.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take their practice to the next level?
Practice, practice, practice under the guidance of a good teacher. In the west it’s quite normal to switch between yoga styles, studios, courses etc. trying to get the broadest insight into the world of yoga. In India it’s more common to stick with one teacher/school and practice with consistency. Neither are wrong but I find the Indian method gives more direction and focus and less confusion.

How do you see the future of yoga?
I would love to see it become part of the school curriculum. Now more than ever, children need to detach from their screens and connect to themselves, learn to breath, learn to meditate and move their bodies in a three-dimensional way.

What does a typical day look like for you?
On most days I do split shifts so I have free time in the middle of the day to do my own yoga, walk the dog, cook or meet family or friends. My husband often works evenings too so we try to have a nice breakfast or lunch together.

Favourites:  food, drink, place in Ireland, vacation destination, book, movie, musician?

Favourite food is always changing, especially now that I’m pregnant. At the moment, I love a good sandwich.
Favourite drink is always changing too, probably ginger beer, non-alcoholic at the moment.
Favourite place in Ireland. I can never decide between Heir Island where I run my yoga retreats and Derrynane where my family have a mobile home for many years.
Vacation Destination. Hard to beat my honeymoon in Borneo.
Book. “Half of a Yellow Sun” or anything else by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Movie. Impossible to pick something current but from childhood it would probably be Father of the Bride
Musician. Damien Rice

What would you like your students to take away with them after a class with you?
A sense of self belief and the ability to stop caring about what other people think.

Get to Know Our Teachers – Mary Breen

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marybreen2 I was in my early sixties when my daughter brought me along to my first yoga class.  Being passionately involved in competitive sport all my life I believed that yoga would be too slow for me, that I would not be able to spend a precious hour of my free time lying on a mat. It just took that first class to alter my whole way of thinking. Contrary to all my preconceived and naive ideas about yoga, that first hour was challenging and inspiring. It just took that one class! A week later I broke my ankle in a climbing accident. However, as soon as that healed I was right back on the mat again and have been on it every day since. My developing interest in everything to do with yoga led me to complete the Level One teacher training programme with Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2016 and then to a glorious yoga retreat in Goa in February 2017.

The most important life lesson that yoga has taught me is that age is no barrier to maintaining high levels of physical and mental fitness, flexibility, balance and contentment. Through regular practice you can learn to live cheerfully no matter what joys or sorrows you experience in life. Daily practice has proved to me that yoga can change both body and mind and that it is possible to develop a whole new outlook on life, no matter what age you are or how unfit you are when you begin.

I am retiring this year from a career spent in third level education. I have found both the research and teaching aspects of my work absorbing and fulfilling. Although I will continue many of my research projects after I retire I was anxious about leaving teaching behind. This is why I was so pleased and grateful to be asked to join the teaching team here in Himalaya Yoga Valley. As a very young yoga scholar I have so much to learn; with that in mind I hope to continue my student career with Himalaya Yoga and to complete the 500 Level teacher training next year. In the meantime I will continue to practice yoga and live cheerfully every day.

Get to Know Our Teachers – Bernadette Cronin

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Photo on 28-03-2017 at 12.14Bernadette Cronin is a lecturer for Drama & Theatre Studies at University College Cork. She is a theatre-maker with GAITKRASH Theatre Company. Bernadette has always been interested in exploring the links between yoga and performance and qualified as a yoga teacher with Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2015. She is also a Voice Teacher for actors. She holds a Diploma in Translation from City University London and has published in the areas of adaptation and theatre practice.

Get to Know Our Teachers – Anca Erena

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What was your path from practitioner to teacher?

Anca is from Romania and she fell in love with yoga in 2013. She practiced Hatha yoga in her home town under the guidance of her best friend before deciding to further her yoga journey and do her teacher training.

Rather than go to India to do her training, Anca decided to come to Ireland, a country she always wanted to travel to and do her training with Lalit at Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre, Cork. While here she fell in love with Ireland, Cork City and the Himalaya Yoga Family. She decided to make Cork her home and convinced her family to move here and join her. One and a half years later, her dream of being part of the Himalaya Yoga Valley team has come true.

What’s the most important thing yoga has taught you?

The most important thing Anca has gained from yoga is self-confidence. Before discovering yoga, she struggled with low-self-esteem but as her practice has evolved her confidence has grown. Yoga has given her the freedom to be present in the moment, enjoy life to the full and find happiness in the little things.

Anca currently lives in Cork with her husband, beautiful baby boy, mother and sister. She enjoys her new life, taking every opportunity to take on new challenges and move beyond her comfort zone, gaining countless spiritual rewards along the way.

Laughter Yoga Class – Saturday, May 20th, 2017

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Laughter is the best medicine and this laughter yoga class is designed to show you how to receive some of the amazing health benefits laughter has on the mind and body. Laughter is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase physical and mental energy levels. Laughter actually boosts your immune system keeping you stronger and healthier overall. When we laugh together we feel more open and accepting of ourselves and others, what a fun way to build new friendships.

The class will start with gentle warm-up techniques which include stretching, and body movement. These help to break down inhibitions and develop childlike playfulness. Breathing exercises are used to prepare the lungs for laughter, followed by a series of “laughter exercises” that combine the method of acting and visualisation techniques with playfulness. These exercises, combined with the social dynamics of group, lead to prolong and hearty unconditional laughter. Laughter exercises are interspersed with breathing exercise.

A laughter session may finish with a “laughter meditation”. This is a session of unstructured laughter whereby participants may stand, sit or lie down and allow natural laughter to flow from within like a fountain. This is followed by a deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Laughter Yoga Workshop

Teacher Bio

Deborah had been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2012 and decided to explore other styles of yoga. She was drawn to laughter yoga as she loves to uplift and inspire people and what better way to uplift than to make people laugh. She credits laughter yoga as helping her to over-come self-judgements and self-consciousness as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Teaching laughter yoga really allows her spirit to shine through and she loves to be able to bring this out in her students. Deborah really promotes a fun and open energy in her classes. She received her qualification from the Laughter yoga international university in 2014.


Class Cost: €15
*Class fee is non refundable but is transferable.

Class Date and Time:
Saturday May 20th, 2017
2pm – 3pm

Bookings for this workshop can be made on www.yogacorkireland.com, the MindBody app,
by phone on 02 427 9696, by email: info@yogacorkireland.com or call in to the office!