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July Sale on monthly unlimited passes! Now only €89!

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Yoga in the Park begins this Saturday, 4 June!

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Yoga in the Park Returns to Cork!!

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Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre are delighted to announce the return of one of Cork’s most popular outdoor weekly events. Yoga in The Park for Cork Simon Community kicks off again on the 4th June 2016 at Fitzgerald’s Park.

Every Saturday, yoga enthusiasts and novices will stretch it out in aid of Cork Simon Community to help fight homelessness through yoga. We will host this weekly by donation yoga class every Saturday morning at 10:00am-11.15am in front of the bandstand. Last year, each weekly class saw up to 150 people join the Himalaya Yoga Valley team for yoga in the park and we hope to make this year an even greater success!

More great news! We are adding Yoga for Kids class this year.  Suitable for Kids aged 4 years upwards, from 11.30 to 12.00 each Saturday.

Yoga in the Park has been a resounding success since Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre started hosting it in 2014 raising over €10,000 to date. Himalaya Yoga Valley clients have continued their support of Cork Simon Community with ‘Meditation by Donation’ classes during the winter.

We welcome you to join members of the Himalaya Yoga Valley team, Cork City Council and Simon Community at the launch of this wonderful fundraising initiative Saturday 4th June 2016.

Event:  Launch of Yoga in the Park for Cork Simon, Summer 2016

Location:  In front of the bandstand at Fitzgerald’s Park

Date and Time:  Saturday 4th June, 9.45am

RSVP: By Thursday 2nd June to info@yogacorkireland.com or by phone to 0214279696

If you require any more information, press or media details in relation to this event please contact Anne Marie Ruby on the above RSVP details.

We look forward to seeing you at the launch of this wonderful community program!


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Health talk by Fiona McDevitt, Chartered Physiotherapist

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Health talk by Fiona McDevitt, Chartered Physiotherapist of Posture Matters Ltd next Thursday 19th May from 6-6.30pm

“Stretch or Strain? And How the correct bra fit affects both”

Discover the important difference between stretching and straining, and how the correctly fitted bra can instantly make you look, feel and move better.

This is a free talk and you can sign in for it on Mindbody at www.yogacorkireland.com or by texting 0858566565!


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Training with Adam Divine

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AYM side stretch  webAyurvedic Yoga Massage Level One Training
with Adam Divine
Fri 12th August – 6.30-10pm
Sat 13th August – 3.30-10pm
Sun 14th August – 10am-6pm
Mon 15th August – 12pm – 5pm
AYM combines deep tissue massage with coordinated breathwork and yoga stretching. Similar to Thai massage, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is performed on a mat allowing for a full range of stretching. In addition; the deep tissue massage dissolves physical tension, while the assisted stretches and breath exercises realign the body and stimulate the natural flow of energy.
The deep tissue massage helps to remove knots and adhesions in the muscles, releases tension and prepares the body of the receiver for assisted yoga stretching. Through synchronised breathwork, the receiver is led progressively deeper into assisted yoga postures that help correct postural imbalances and restore harmony to the body. In keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda, herbal oils and medicinal powders are utilized for their healing properties.
This course is perfect for beginners and professional massage therapists alike. If you are a professional massage therapist, this serves as a CEU and is endorsed by the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association).
In this training:

  • Students will learn how to perform a basic 90 minute AYM sequence
  • Each set of techniques will first be demonstrated in detail by the teacher
  • Students will work with partners to practice each technique
  • Students will receive lots of one to one attention from the teacher
  • Use of props
  • Therapist body mechanics and self care will be taught throughout
  • Functional anatomy, pathology, contraindications will be taught for each technique
  • Students will receive full AYM level 1 detailed photo manual
This unique comprehensive approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, promotes correct posture, improves respiratory patterns, enhances energy levels, and leaves the receiver with a profound sense of well being.
This training is the first level – in the Level 2 training, the student will learn more advanced stretches and also to use the feet to perform the massage which creates a fluid massage stroke and is unique to Ayurveda.
(After the completion of Level 2 the student will receive a certificate – Level 2 is August 19-22 2016)
Course cost for Level 1 is €320 including 13.5% VAT
Course cost for booking Level 1 & 2 together is €600 including VAT.
Please contact us if you wish to enroll in both courses. For Level One please follow the booking online or call the centre on 021 427 9696 to enroll.


AYM cobra front  webAyurveda Yoga Massage Training- Level 2 
with Adam Divine
Fri 19th August  – 6.30 – 10pm
Sat 20th August – 3.30 – 10pm
Sun 21st August – 10am – 6pm
Mon 22nd August – 12 – 5pm
On the Level Two Ayurvedic Yoga Massage course, you will learn more massage techniques, advanced stretches and ‘walking’ which will make your massage session more varied.When you are working with clients over a
period of time, you will be able to offer more unique massage packages catering to their specific body issues.Level Two gives you alternatives to help you open up restricted areas and work with postural problems. You learn more advanced yoga stretches to target those areas. Level Two also includes walking on the body – using a chair or stool, you balance your body weight and use your feet to massage the body in long strokes. This gives you the potential to use more pressure if needs be adjusting your body weight. As in level one, you will be learning to communicate with your client, using coordinated breathwork to assist the stretches.In Level Two you reach certification standard approved by Complimentary Therapists Association UK. Naturally Level One is a pre-requisite.

  • Students will learn how about two hours worth of techniques and how to structure these into an hour or 90min session.
  • Each set of techniques will first be demonstrated in detail by the teacher
  • Students will work with partners to practice each technique
  • Students will receive lots of one to one attention from the teacher
  • Use of props
  • Therapist body mechanics and self care will be taught throughout
  • Functional anatomy, pathology, contraindications will be taught for each technique
  • Students will receive full AYM level 2 detailed photo manual
  • Students will receive Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Certificate

Course cost for Level 2 is €320 including 13.5% VAT.

Course cost for booking Level 1 & 2 together is €600 including VAT.
Please contact us if you wish to enroll in both courses. For Level one please follow the booking online or call the centre on 021 427 9696 to enroll.

Adam’s Bio

teacher-adamAdam Divine is the anatomy teacher on the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre teacher training. His interest in anatomy started with his study of massage in 2005 and he has been working as a body mechanic ever since. Adam is ITEC certified and has studied Anatomy Trains courses, as well as training with Ayurvedic doctors in India and monks in Thailand. He has been practicing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for nine years.

Summer Workshops with Viriam Kaur

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Goddess Cork

Goddess of Yoga with Viriam Kaur

Sunday July 3rd  10am – 6pm

Workshop fee: €65

Connecting to our Heart’s Desire – Sankalpa

In our morning session, we will work with Kundalini Yoga and meditation to remove blocks and limiting beliefs – Yoga as an un-doing – a clearing away. When we clear away, we create space to again connect to the joy of our heart.

In our afternoon session, we will delve deeper into our heart’s connection with meditation, mantra, sankalpa and yoga nidra. Sankalpa is our heart’s intention – a more profound version of a New Year’s Resolution – we will work to go beyond any limiting language we use and create a conscious affirmation – Sankalpa. We will use meditation to take us into a place where we can listen and be reminded of our heart’s desire, we will work at creating our Sankalpa and then in the sacred space of yoga nidra, a state of profound relaxation and clarity, we will implant this conscious intention into our being.

“An intention introduces focus, not limitation. It should awaken and open you to the possibility of revelation and surprises. Yoga has been since earliest times a spiritual practice by which we can attain greater spiritual self-awareness. Discoveries and insights come as unexpected gifts, as moments of grace.” Doug Keller


Cork BreathYoga and Strutural Awareness Workshop with Adam Divine and Viriam Kaur
Sunday 17th July, 10am-6pm
Workshop fee: €65

Tune into the dynamics of breath with expansive yoga, conscious anatomy, fascial release for the PSOAS and diaphragm, meditation and yoga nidra. We will use yoga and meditation techniques to tune into where we hold tension and limit our breathing. Adam will then share techniques and assisted stretches to open us up and create space to breathe fully – he wants us to learn to breathe from our PSOAS and walk from our diaphragm! Viriam will share a yoga nidra based on the Himalayan Institute tradition focusing on breath for integration. Although translated as yogic sleep, nidra is about awakening and clarity – a profound healing state.

Adam Divine is the anatomy teacher on Himalaya Yoga Valley Teacher Trainings and has been working as a massage therapist and body mechanic for 12 years. Since being gifted the Anatomy Trains book ten years ago, he has trained with James Earls on Anatomy Trains courses and has studied with osteopaths and breathwork practitioners. He specializes in body reading, therapeutic bodywork and myofascial release. He has lived in India for over ten years and plays music with Viriam as part of their band Mantrica. Check him out at www.structuralawarenesstechnique.com


chakras clouds

Chakra Healing Training with Viriam  Kaur

Friday 5th August: 6.30-9pm
Saturday 6th August: 4-9pm 
Sunday 7th August: 9.30am-6.30pm
Workshop fee:  €190

Join Viriam Kaur for an experiential journey through the Chakras. Viriam will guide you around the Chakra Map and how to navigate your own healing journey. With Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as a foundation, you will explore the Chakra system from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

As well as creating your own healing journey, you will learn a simple hands-on healing technique to give healing to others. In order to fine tune your own healing wisdom, you will work at building intuitive sense and our pranic energy through meditation, mantra and breath. Intuition is the key to healing ourselves and others.

We will also learn to use sound, crystals and create guided visualisations for our own healing sessions. Viriam will also share the profound healing and clarity of yoga nidra. On completion of the course, you will receive a manual and certificate.

Viriam’s Bio

Viriam4fullViriam Kaur is a yoga teacher and writer who has lived in India for the last eleven years. She trained with the UK with SKY School of Kundalini Yoga in 2003 and teaches around the world. She also teaches Yoga Philosophy on an International teacher training and has devised her own Chakra Healing technique running regular trainings. Viriam also works with breath and the healing power of yoga nidra. She has just released an album of sacred mantra with her band Mantrica.

For more information, please visit www.kundaliniyogaindia.com and www.mantricamusic.com





Cork SportsAbility Day 2016

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Senior Teacher Lisa Fahy and Business Manager Anne Marie Ruby with Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh

Senior Teacher Lisa Fahy and Business Manager Anne Marie Ruby with Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh
photo: Michael English

It was a true privilege to participate in Cork SportsAbility Day 2016 on 9 April at the Mardyke Arena UCC.  Hosted by the Cork SportsAbility Forum and Cork Sports Partnership, this annual event promotes sport and inclusion for people of all abilities.   Over 450 people were in attendance.


Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre on IrishTV!

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IrishTV paid u12931243_662141993924075_7176260540359987729_ns a visit last month and ran a great piece featuring the centre on their Cork Matters program.  While here, they took part in a class led by Mary Kelly, interviewed our Business Manager Anne Marie Ruby and spoke with a couple of our students about how yoga benefits them.

Click here for the link and fast forward to the 12.00 mark to check it out!




Asana Intensive with Lalit

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Asana Intensive with Lalit

Friday 8 – Sunday 10 July 2016


The main focus of this immersion will be to deepen and expand your practice under the guidance of Lalit. Each day of this retreat will see students practicing the full Ashtanga primary series in the morning with focus on opening a specific area of the body in the afternoon class.  All levels are encouraged to attend  and whilst this is an advanced immersion it is open to those with a steady existing practice or those who are currently teaching.Daily Classes:
Friday Saturday & Sunday
Chanting Pranayama & Meditation
Full primary Series
Focus Workshops:
Advanced Hip Opening (Fri)
Advanced Back Bends (Sat)
Advanced Arm balances & Inversions (Sun)
Price: €200 for three days
Payment is required to reserve a spot in this workshop and is non-refundable but transferable.

Hip Opening Workshops with Lalit

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Hip Opening Workshops with Lalit


Lalit will take students through a series that includes standing and seated hip opening postures that release energy and tension in this area. The hips hold tension and become tight from daily repetitive activities such as sitting at office desks and driving- tight hips can lead to lower back pain and imbalances throughout the rest of the body.

By exploring hip opening postures and deepening our existing hip opening poses we can release this area and improve our overall asana practice. This workshop will include chanting and pranayama and deep hip opening poses. Please note that Lalit’s workshops fill quickly and spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Hip opening Workshop level 1 : 

Saturday 30th April, 2016  14:00-16:00

Hip opening Workshop levels 2-3 : 

Sunday 1 May 2016  14.00-16.00

Price: €25.00 per workshop

Payment is essential to reserve a space.  Workshop fee is transferable but non-refundable.

Book online or call the centre to reserve a space 021-4279696