Yoga as a Life Practice – Level 1 with Tashi

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Ground and Reach – Connecting the Lower & Upper Body’

In this 3hr workshop we will explore quality of movement, spinal mobility, uddiyana and mula bandha and key transitions.

Tashi teaches yoga techniques as tools for self-enquiry which can lead us to self-acceptance, personal skillfulness and abiding loving kindness. We share these techniques to develop effective practice habits, inviting practice as a ‘way of being’ rather than a ‘way of doing’.

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Workshop suitable for those attending New Beginnings Level 1 and New Beginnings Level 2 classes.

Workshop Date and Time:
Saturday March 4th 2017
11am– 2pm

Workshop Cost: €35
*Workshop fees are non refundable but are transferable.

Bookings for this workshop can be made on, the MindBody app,
by phone on 02 427 9696 or call in to the office!