Stay cozy with us!

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Stay cozy with us! 

As the evenings get colder we are switching up the heat and we also have some brand-new, cozy blankets and some more heating for Midelton!

When we practise dynamic movement, and then slow things right down for Savasana- we can feel a drop in temperature. This also applies for more restorative classes where we are not moving as much and holding postures for a longer period.

Here are some suggestions to keep comfortable during your practise 

  • Grab a blanket for savasana (the pose at the end of class) or for the full class if it is restorative
  • Wear layers during class that you can remove and put back on depending on where you are in the class
  • Wear warmer clothes for slower classes

Of course, you can always bring your own blanket too!

We have infrared overhead heating in Ballincollig and we are closely monitoring the temperature in our new Midleton studio.

Please keep us in the loop with how the temperature works for you- you are our best guides! Just chat to your teacher after class to keep us in the loop.