South Mall: Advance your Practice- Journey to Yantrasana

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Exciting News!

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new class style starting on January 2nd at 6:30 PM at South Mall Studio – “Advance Your Practice”

We will be working on different advanced asanas each month, offering you a varied and enriching practice.

Here’s what January has in store for you:
Journey to Yantrasana Experience a dynamic vinyasa flow during the first half, focusing on building strength and flexibility. In the second half, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of Yantrasana. Discover tips and techniques to approach and develop this invigorating pose, a perfect blend of hips, hamstrings, and shoulder opening.


This vitalising advanced yoga practice will have plenty of vinyasas, challenging poses and a dynamic flow to keep you energised and focused! A vinyasa flow for the first half, building strength and flexibility for our Yantrasana exploration in the second half. Learn tips to approach and develop this hips, hamstrings and shoulder opener in a fun and inclusive way. Variations and modifications will be part of the journey. Advanced poses include intense backend inversions and arm balances, often combined in complex ways, and standing balances which keep you engaged throughout the practice.

Save the Date: Starting January 2nd, and every Tuesday!
Location: South Mall
Time: 6:30 PM

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