Secrets to a Great Night’s Sleep with Michelle A. Hardwick

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Secrets to a Great Night’s Sleep with Michelle A. Hardwick

Location:Penrose Wharf Centre
Date:Saturday,16th of November

Unlock the secrets to a great night’s sleep and discover the key to how you can relax your body and wind down your mind in this 3 hour experiential workshop.

We sleep best when we are content.

When we feel irritated and panicked about not being able to sleep, our thoughts circle around events or plans for the following day/week. Then our brain goes into high gear and our body correspondingly tenses, making it almost impossible to fall asleep.

We begin the next day tired, weary and stressed with increased brain activity. We wonder whether we will manage or master everything that must be done and so begins a downward spiral of sleep deprivation.

Course Content:
In this 3-hour presentation, we will include sleep and breathing techniques; quick calming exercises; deep relaxation experiences as well as group discussion and feedback. There will also be a variety of basic relaxation tools shared to help improve sleep, to feel calmer, more peaceful and rested during the day.

This workshop is highly experiential, providing participants with a variety of take-home tools to help improve sleep and wellbeing.

Discover how you can relax your body and wind down your mind
Develop new ways to help you sleep better and sleep well
Learn about the right mental approach to help you sleep deeply
Experience ways to feel calmer
There will be two easy to follow, tailored relaxation experiences which will be recorded for you to listen to at night to help you re-programme your mind for sleep. When listened to regularly, these recordings can help you drift into sleep and train your mind to stay asleep.

Please note, it is important to make time each day to practice the tools shared during this workshop to integrate the skill of relaxation and get to sleep more easily. Results improve with practice.

What to bring: For your comfort – bring your own blanket and pillow; a notebook/journal and pen (if you’d like to make any notes); some drinking water in a bottle. If you have a yoga mat and wish to lie down, please feel free to bring it along with you.

What to wear: Ensure you wear warm, comfortable, loose fitting clothing and bring a pair of warm socks.

Workshop price: €49.99

*Workshop fee is transferable if cancelled at least 24h beforehand, but non-refundable.

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