Core Fundamentals Workshop with SARAH MOVES

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Join Sarah Moves for her Core Fundamentals workshop in our Penrose Wharf studio on Saturday 26th January from 14.00 to 16.30.

In this workshop we will get reacquainted with the structure of the spine and ‘core’ so we can function more efficiently and move more freely as a whole (on and off the mat). We will look at how alignment is key to efficient breathing mechanics and bracing under load, and explore how the mobility and stability of the spine directly translates into autonomy for the upper and lower limbs.

If you suffer from lower back aches, find it challenging to access the muscles of the pelvic floor, or even just feel you still need to “work on your core” or your posture after practicing so much yoga, you will find value. This workshop is the perfect opportunity for us to dig deeper into these potential issues and find some concrete, tangible solutions to immediately put into practice and allow us to feel more connected as a whole.

Workshop price: €30*

*Workshop fee is transferable if cancelled at least 24h beforehand, but non-refundable.

You can book online, on the Mindbody App or give us a call on 021-4279696.