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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Letizia

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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop

Join Letizia, founder of Himalaya Yoga Shala Sardinia, Italy for this 2-hour immersive workshop designed to help you refine your existing Ashtanga practise, or begin your journey on the path of the 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Letizia started to practice Yoga nearly twenty years ago. After trying various styles, she found her home in the connection of breath and movement typical of Vinyasa. She met Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2012 and under Lalit’s guidance completed the 500hrs of Teacher Training between India and Ireland. Over the years her practice and teaching went more and more towards the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. In 2015 she started studying with Lino Miele, both in Italy and India. India. In 2020 she has been honoured with the authorization to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa according to the method codified in the book written by Lino together with Sri PK Jois during his 25 years of study with Guruji. Ashtanga Yoga by Lino Miele is the main written reference for practitioners of Ashtanga Vinyasa worldwide.

WORKSHOP: Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Letizia

DAY: Saturday, August 6th
TIME: 15:00 – 120 Minutes

This workshop will include:

Mantra, Pranayama and is designed for all levels of practitioners who are seeking a dynamic somatic experience using the traditional discipline of Ashtanga from Mysore, India.🧘🏻‍♀️

Booking Information

Book your place through our schedule here or on the Himalaya Yoga Valley app.

Exciting August News!

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Yoga News from Himalaya Yoga Valley 

Hey there yogis! We have some exciting things to share with you this August…

Here is a round-up of our news in this edition of our Newsletter 

  • New Yoga Studio in Cork
  • Lisa Fahy is back on the schedule
  • Brand New Class themes online and in our studio
  • Teacher Training in Person and Online
  • Ashtanga Yoga Workshop with Letizia

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Yoga for Disc Bulge & Protrusion

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Yoga for Disc Bulges and Protrusions 

This week we got a question from a student about starting yoga with disc bulges. We know that this is an issue with many of our clients and we wanted to share our thoughts on this issue.
“Hi there- I just found out I have 2 disc bulges in my lower back, my doctor has suggested yoga, is there anything I should know before I start a class?
David, Dublin 
It’s great that David’s GP suggested yoga, and we are delighted that he wrote to us so we could guide him. 
While we are always pleased to hear that doctors are referring their clients to holistic therapeutic practices such as yoga to manage these issues, there are some precautions that we should take when starting yoga when we have disc bulges.
Yoga is extremely therapeutic for disc bulges specifically for Lumbar Disc Protrusions.
Disc protrusions cause instability in the spine and as ligaments cannot be strengthened with yoga (or any exercise) we want to strengthen the muscles around the spine to counteract this lack of stability. Yoga also nourishes and aids the healing of the spine by bringing fresh blood flow to this area. And when we improve our posture and core strength with yoga we can reduce pain or future bulges from occurring 
While yoga is a wonderful tool to aid recovery, a general flow class may not be appropriate without the proper modifications applied.
Before we get to the yoga, what is a disc bulge?
A disc bulge refers to an extension or prolapse of disc tissues beyond the edges of the edge of vertebrae. In some cases, this bulge can press on the nerve causing mild or severe pain depending on severity. 
Around 30% of the population have disc bulges, and we want to prevent them from progressing to fully herniated discs which can cause a host of issues such as lower back pain, sciatica, and even complete immobility due to pain in some extreme cases.
The issue with attending a general spectrum yoga class, especially without your teacher being informed about your disc bulges is that any forward folding (flexion) could exasperate a bulge. 
Now, there are yoga Asana (poses) that are extremely helpful for disc protrusion, however, they should be done in isolation, not in a general class that also includes a forward fold.
Any deep flexion, especially with a rounded back, could potentially turn your bulge into a full prolapse. 
Guidelines for practicing safely with a disc bulge 
  • Avoid forward folds or flexion if possible, bend knees 
  • If you do incorporate them into your practice, ensure you keep your chin forward and avoid rounding your spine, when we round our spine, and forward fold at the same time it pushes the prolapsed disc further towards the edge of the vertebrae 
How Yoga Can Help 
If we look at the issue of forward folds (flexion) bringing the disc further towards the edge of the vertebrae, we can see how backbends, or extension of the spine would do the opposite- bring the disc back towards the other side of the spine (where it should be!) 
With this in mind here is a sequence you can practice daily to aid recovery from 
Morning time
5 x sphinx pose, held for 5 breaths followed by 5 baby cobra or full cobra held for 5 breaths. 
1 x Setu Bandhansana held for 10 breaths (you can use a foam yoga block to support your lower back here) 
From Setu Bandhasana bring one with both knees bent and feet planted on the floor bring place your hands behind one and bring it towards your chest until you feel a slight pull. Hold this for 15 seconds and do both sides. 
Evening Time
5 x Setu Bandhasana held for 5 breaths (you can use a foam yoga block to support your lower back here) 
From Setu Bandhasana bring one with both knees bent and feet planted on the floor bring place your hands behind one and bring it towards your chest until you feel a slight pull. Hold this for 15 seconds and do both sides. 
Attending a Yoga Class 
If you do attend a yoga class, remember the principle for avoiding or modifying your forward folds and keep your knees bent where possible- and most importantly, let your yoga teacher know so they can keep you safe with modifications. 
Off the mat 
Don’t just apply these principles to yoga. When you get off your mat and head home to do the housework, take care of your family, or finally clean out the garage- the same principles apply. Avoid forward folding to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on the anterior portion of the disc.
Remember, always get medical clearance from your doctor, listen closely to your body, and avoid anything that causes you pain. 
Do you have any questions for us about this topic? What about another issue you are facing around injury, accessibility, or anything related to your practise
Drop them in the comments- we love to hear from you! 

New Class Themes for June!

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We have over 100 classes in Ballincollig per month and over 130 classes online. Each month we run brand new themes across our classes to keep them fresh and engaging for our clients!

This June we have some really exciting new themes for online and in-person classes including our Brand New Class- Yoga for Chronic Pain and Conditions with Reena (starts June 10th)

This class takes place online through our Online Yoga Studio Ālaya Yoga Online every Friday at 18:45 and is great for those with chronic pain, chronic conditions, and those suffering from inflammation or long covid.

Ālaya Yoga Online Themes

Monday 7:15 Intermediate with Lalit – Yoga for Strength
Tuesday 11:00 Mixed Level  – Yoga for a Healthy Spine
Wednesday 17:45 Mixed Level – Arm Balances and Inversions
Thursday 7:15 Advanced Flow with Lalit – Core focus
Friday 7:15 Intermediate – Nurture the Nervous System

We also have some brand new class themes in Ballincollig, including our feature class Mindful Monday Hatha Yoga with Sonya at 10 am

Ballincollig Yoga Studio Themes 

Mindful Monday at 10:00 w/Sonya
Quads & Hamstrings Tuesday 18:45 w/Treasa
Finding Flow Wednesday 9:30 w/Karen
Backbends Focus Wednesday 17:30 w/Bernadette
Arm Balances & Inversions Thursday 18:45/Lalit
Chakra Flow Friday 9.30 w/Karen
Glutes & Cork Saturday 10.30 w/Jim
Twist & Flow Sunday 10.30am w/mary

You can book your classes for our online classes or studio here: Book Class

Remember your first class with us in Ballincollig is FREE! Book Free Class Ballincollig 

Yoga in the Park Returns June 4

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Yoga in the Park in Fitzgerald's Park

‘Yoga in the Park with Himalaya Yoga Valley’ is back again this summer of 2022 in the beautiful setting of Fitzgerald’s Park and Ballincollig Regional Park!

The weekly summer event has raised over €76,000 for charity over the last 8 years, with the team hoping to raise even more funds this year! We kick off on Saturday, June 4 at 10:00 am (Weather dependent- No rain the night before, or morning of, is a go ahead!)
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Let’s Get Started Yoga Workshop-Cork Lifelong Learning Festival

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Let's Get Started-Lifelong Learning Festival

Learn something new and start your yoga journey!

This free one hour workshop takes place at 12.45pm this Saturday April 9th at our beautiful and spacious Ballincollig yoga studio. It will get you familiar with all of the aspects of a full yoga class.

In this workshop your teacher will show you plenty of useful modifications. Your teacher also breaks down the faster parts of our Signature Series, shows you some excellent injury prevention techniques, introduces you to the terms used in yoga, shows you how to use the props and generally deconstructs a class for you. This is followed by a short taster class.

You will be under the guidance of one of our most experienced teachers Jim Daly who is known for his warm, friendly and inclusive method. It is suitable for everybody and will be an informal and fun introduction to yoga. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and energised. Questions are encouraged and welcomed in this very informal, friendly and informative class.

You can book in through our class schedule page here or through the Himalaya Yoga Valley app. Bring along a yoga mat if you have one or if you prefer we have yoga mats and props at the studio. Wear something comfortable and bring a bottle of water. We look forward to seeing you then!


April Ballincollig Studio Class Themes

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New Month, New Yoga Themes for April

Every month we add new themes to keep our classes fresh and exciting! Check out all our themes for April in our Ballincollig studio and join us for a class.


10am Chakra focused Mixed Level Flow with Sonya


6.45pm Yoga for Strength Mixed Level with Karen/Treasa


9.30am Core Flow Mixed Level with Karen

5.30pm Finding Balance Mixed Level with Bernadette


6.45pm Twist Focus Strong & Slow Intermediate with Anca


9.30am Shoulders, Neck & Back Mixed Level with Karen


10.15am Head to Toe Strengthening Mixed Level with Mary

Yoga for Peace Fundraising Workshop

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Peace and Loving Kindness Yoga Workshop

Join Anca for a Peace and Loving Kindness workshop on March 11th at 7pm in our Ballincollig studio. This workshop for all levels will be centered around yoga practices that awaken the heart chakra and connect us to compassion. Through yoga, we will gather to find inner peace, send peace to the world and fundraise for the Red Cross who are on the ground in the Ukraine helping those in need.

This workshop will include:

  • Loving kindness meditation
  • Yin yang sequence blending awakening back bends with a restorative and grounding sequence
  • Mantra and music
  • Pranayama

Booking Information

Book your place through our schedule here or on the Himalaya Yoga Valley app. Those attending or anybody who would like to donate can do so here.

March Ballincollig Studio Class Themes

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New Month, New Yoga Themes

Each month we add new themes to keep our class schedule fresh and exciting so that you have lots of choice when planning your perfect week of yoga!

Why not try a class with us this month in our beautiful Ballincollig studio?


10am Twist & Flow Mixed Level with Sonya


5.30pm Affirmations and Intentions Yoga with Anca

6.45pm Activate Your Glutes Mixed Level with Treasa


9.30am Backbends Mixed Level with Karen

5.30pm Core & Back Strength Mixed Level with Bernadette


6.45pm Healthy Lower Back & Hips Intermediate with Lalit/Anca


9.30am Heart Opening Backbend Flow Mixed Level with Karen


10.30am Chakra Focused Mixed Level with Jim


10.30am Upper Back, Shoulders & Neck Mixed Level with Mary

Book your class through our schedule here or on the Himalaya Yoga Valley app.

Upcoming Yoga Masterclass: Exploring the Spiral Line

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Yoga Masterclass in Ballincollig

Join us this Friday March 4th from 6.30pm-8pm in our Ballincollig Studio for an ‘Exploring the Spiral Line’ masterclass where Jim will introduce you to the magic of the myofascial meridians!

During this class he will look specifically at the spiral line and work towards opening it to help prevent injury, balance the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. This masterclass will be a Yin Yoga style class in which we will have long held poses, with optional props and poses for everyone, the class will also include gentle held stretches, Pranayama and a relaxing closing to the class.

This class is suitable for all levels, great for those doing more active yoga or sports, and is also ideal for those needing deep somatic release.

Attendees are asked to bring a ball, tennis ball or something harder as this will be used during the class to release fascia.

Masterclasses are FREE for Ballincollig and Hybrid Unlimited Yoga members and €20 for drop in.

Book in through the class schedule page here or via the Himalaya Yoga Valley app.