Elevate your body & mind with our themed classes in May✨

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This May, our Ballincollig and Midleton yoga studios have exciting themes that we’re thrilled to share with you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, we have something for everyone.

At our Ballincollig studio, we have five amazing classes lined up for you. On Mondays, we have Open the Heart and Spine Intermediate, where you can strengthen and tone your core, improve flexibility and balance, and reduce stress levels.

Tuesdays are for Healthy & Happy Spine Mixed Level Flow, a class that focuses on spinal mobility and alignment, helping you maintain a healthy back. Our Wednesday class Shoulders, Neck, and Back Release Mixed Level is perfect for easing off tension from the shoulders, neck, and back, offering deep relaxation and better posture.

Thursdays are for Quads & Hamstrings Mixed Level, focusing on leg muscles to help with balance, control, and stability. Finally, on Fridays, we have Lower Back Focus, a class created to relieve lower back pain, improve posture, and restore energy to your body.

Our Midleton studio has three excellent classes that will help you release tension in your back, hamstrings, and shoulders, plus give you immense pleasure. On Mondays, we have Lower Back Focus, designed to eliminate lower back pain and increase strength, and flexibility in your lumbar region. Wednesdays are for Quads & Hamstrings Mixed Level, focusing on stretching leg muscles and getting rid of stiffness in the knees, calves, and hamstrings. And last but not least, Fridays, we have Shoulders, Neck, and Back Release Mixed Level, a class that aims to relieve discomfort in the upper body while improving posture and reducing stress levels.

And isn’t that what our yoga practice is all about? Better health on and off the mat!

Here is the full list of themed classes for our studios this week:

Themes for Midleton Studio 

  • Monday 18:30 pm – Lower Back Focus
  • Wednesday 19:00 pm – Quads and Hamstrings Mixed Level
  • Friday 18:30 pm – Shoulders, Neck, and Back Release Mixed Level

Themes for Ballincollig Studio 

  • Monday 7:15 am – Open the Heart and Spine Intermediate
  • Tuesday 10:00 am – Healthy & Happy Spine Mixed Level Flow
  • Wednesday 18:30 pm – Shoulders, Neck, and Back Release Mixed Level
  • Thursday 7:15 am – Quads & Hamstrings Mixed Level
  • Friday 7:15 am – Lower Back Focus

See you on the mat to explore these themes yogis! 

Do you have any themes you would like to see in our studio? Let us know on the chat!