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Wide Legged Forward Bend D – Prasarita Padottanasana D

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We believe that each asana can make you feel a certain way. Some asanas bring out the power within you, while others may make you feel gentle immediately. Prasarita Padottanasana – Wide-legged Forward Fold has the ability to calm you down and make you feel grounded and stable. A great alignment will further enhance your experience with the feel of this asana.

A slow and natural journey to the proper alignment lets you reap the full benefits of the asana; proper alignment keeps you from getting injured, divides the weight equally, and does not overburden just one part of your body. Ensure listening to your body, and take one step at a time.

We are presenting clear alignment cues for this Asana, which will help you to explore this Asana even better at deeper levels.


Cues to get into the asana:

1. Face the long edge of your Mat. Open your feet about four feet distance apart, toes facing forward. Foot slightly inward.

2. Hands on your hips with tailbone tucked in. Inhale and open the chest and lengthen your Spine.

3. With an exhalation, fold forward with your spine extended forward and keep your chin forward.

4. Release your hands from the hips, and hook your toes with the first two fingers.

5. Now Inhale, Half lift and look up with a flat back.

6. Exhale, fold your elbows and fold forward, taking your head towards the ground.

7. Pay attention to your alignment as you get into the asana.


Alignment Cues:

1. Bring your awareness to your shoulder. Draw your blades towards each other to keep your back flat.

2. Keep your hips in the same line.

3. Pull and keep the hook active to bring your head closer to the ground.

4. Keep knee caps pulled up and quad muscles active.