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Class Descriptions

Yoga for Everybody!

We have a class for every body at Himalaya Yoga Valley. From complete beginners to advanced practitioners- we have something to suit everyone. Our teachers and team are friendly and welcoming and we are honored that thousands of our students in Cork who had never done a class before started and continued their yoga journey with us! We cater for every shape, size, background and fitness level. Our students are athletes, mothers, runners, kids, expectant moms, retirees, students, granddads, fathers- everybody! Come and join us for a class and reap the rewards of a yoga practice.

Sanskrit Terms:

Sanskrit: Ancient language of India used in yoga
Asana: Yoga pose or posture
Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutation
Vinyasa: A linking movement similar to a Sun Salutation that connects the asanas during classes
Savasana: An all time favourite…corpse pose the part where you lie down at the start and end of class- a pose of utmost importance in relation to the nervous system
Pranayama: Various Breathing exercises that profoundly benefit all systems
Bandhas: Internal muscular locks used to store energy built during a yoga practice

Signature Series

Our Signature Series takes you through the modified Ashtanga yoga series with a strong focus on correct alignment and integrity within each asana by utilizing classical alignment methods and techniques. Each class begins with a short opening Savasana & some Pranayama followed by warm ups and Surya Namaskars to get you energized. We then move on to practicing standing, seated, lying and finishing asanas. All classes finish with a hearty Savasana to ensure you leave feeling entirely blissed out and completely energized. As seen in the class descriptions below our Signature Series classes have different levels suitable for all so you can progress with your practice in a class that supports you as an individual. To ensure consistency and therefore incremental progress, teachers at our school use the Signature Series as a general framework and add their own style, focus, energy, pace and heart to the class. All of our classes are taught with the modifications and the full expressions of the asanas to ensure all can participate and leave a class feeling nicely challenged.

Let’s get Started! (Complete Beginners- FREE CLASS!)

For those who have never taken a yoga class before who would like to ease on in. Before you jump into your New Beginnings class you may wish to attend this informative mini workshop which will get you familiar with all of the aspects of a full yoga class. This class is free to attend so you can try out yoga without anything to lose! In this class your teacher will show you plenty of useful modifications. Your teacher also breaks down the faster parts of our Signature Series class such as the Surya Namaskars, shows you some excellent injury prevention techniques, introduces you to the terms used in yoga, shows you how to use the props and generally deconstructs a class for you. This is followed by a short taster class to whet your yoga appetite. Questions are encouraged and welcomed in this very informal, friendly and informative class! You might even feel like showing off a little when you go home with all that you’ve learned…

This class takes place every Saturday from 12:30-13:30 in Penrose Wharf and every Tuesday from 18:30-19:30 and Saturday in Ballincollig. Pre-booking is recommended.

New Beginnings Level 1 (Beginners)

For Beginners- Our Signature Series with more time given for personal assistance for those who have not practiced before and would like a flowing yet detailed class . Begin as you wish to continue with a strong, stable and precise yoga practice. Like all of our classes this Signature Class is delivered with all levels of modifications which ensure everyone can achieve. This class is ideal if you wish to be with other beginners and want to get used to the asanas before moving on to New Beginnings Level 2.

New Beginnings Level 2 (Beginners & Improvers)

A class for those starting or reawakening their yoga practice. This class works to build flow and consistency for practitioners and it is a great blend of nicely challenging poses with enough time dedicated to the finer details of developing a stable practice. Like all of our classes this Signature Class is delivered with all levels of modifications which ensure everyone can achieve- full expressions of each posture are also offered for those who have not practiced yoga before but have a high level of fitness and wish to start off with a challenge.

Bridge to Peak (Intermediate)

An Invigorating class for those who are comfortable with the Signature Series wanting to explore more intermediate asanas. Our Signature Series with a focus on flow and deepening of the postures preparing you for peak poses by increasing strength and flexibility.

Bridge to Peak- FLOW (Intermediate)

An intermediate  Bridge to Peak class with more Vinayasas than usual- designed to build internal heat and really open up the body!  A Vinyasa flow class with a great pace and energy.

Peak to Power (Advanced)

An advanced class with plenty of warming vinyasas and peak poses to open up and strengthen specific areas of the body that will support you in advanced poses. Deepen connection and build confidence with this Signature Series class for those ready to fly!

Gentle Glow (All Levels)

A class to help you glow from the inside out! In this class we practice the signature series without the vigorous Vinyasas (the linking movements) or Sun Salutations. We spend more time further exploring breathing techniques. We also spend plenty of time sinking into each pose to get maximum ligament and joint benefits and we use plenty of props to open up the body. We practice standing, lying and seated asanas with a very strong focus on the breath and connecting to the self. This class feels like moving meditation and students from all walks of life enjoy it! Great for beginners students who want to take a gentle approach, those who may have injuries or people in their golden years. Also a fantastic class for advanced practitioners wishing to pay attention to detail within their own practice and connect to themselves in a Satvic way.  This class is designed to nourish the body and mind through breath and  gentle movement.

Restore & Revive (All Levels)

One of our most popular classes! A very gentle class with a focus on restorative postures that balance the central nervous system. This class will boost mood and calm the mind whilst detoxifying the body. Utilizing rejuvenating breathing exercises and yoga postures this is a perfect class for those who want to de-stress and connect to the self through a grounding and calming class.  All of the postures are done lying down and held for longer times with the use of props to hold you in the pose. The extra time in the poses and use of props brings extra blood flow to specific glands of the body which help regulate our hormones. The joints and ligaments are also nourished immensely during this class and it is excellent for sports people who wish to rejuvenate tired muscles. Great for managing stress and anxiety and connecting the mind and body. In this candle lit class we utilize essential oils such as bergamot to support the nervous system in defeating depression & anxiety.

Lunchtime Express (All Levels)

An express signature series flow class open to all levels. Energize and invigorate for the rest of your work day with this well rounded class.

Salute the Sun (Beginners 2 to Intermediate)

A morning wake up class that utilizes plenty of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) to invigorate and set the body up for the day ahead. A warming flow class open to those who are familiar with the Sun Sals.

Mysore- Ashtanga Primary Series

A traditional class from Mysore in India where students self practice the ashtanga primary series under the guidance of a teacher who corrects alignment and gives adjustments to deepen postures. A wonderful chance to explore your practice whilst receiving hands on realignments. Lalit may also choose to lead this series depending on the class needs.

Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy yoga class provides a safe and calming environment for pregnant women to nurture their bodies during this amazing time of life. In this gentle class we focus on easing the discomforts of pregnancy while stretching and strengthening particular muscles that will help mothers through labour and afterwards. We teach breath work and relaxation techniques that help expectant mothers to bond with their baby and prepare for birth.No previous yoga experience required. Recommended after your 13th week of pregnancy. We would advise pre-booking as spaces are limited.

Not pregnant yourself but want to give the gift of yoga to someone special? We have gift certs at the centre for pregnancy yoga!

We have some Frequently Asked Questions in the blog section of our website for people wishing to know more about yoga and pregnancy. Simply follow this link  http://yogacorkireland.com/content/pregnancy-yoga-frequently-asked-questions/
Please check the timetable for scheduled Pregnancy Yoga classes.

Parent and Baby Yoga

This family class is for moms, dads and their little bundles of joy!  A chance to enjoy a yoga class with your baby and meet other parents.

Open to absolutely all levels including those who have not done yoga before and established practitioners, this class promotes post-natal health in mothers and is a great way for dads to connect to their babies too!

Kids and Preteen Yoga

This yoga class is excellent for developing co-ordination, concentration and confidence in children. It is a creative, non-competitive, calming physical activity and it’s also lots of fun! This class is taught by Mary Kelly who is qualified in Early Childhood Development and Children’s Yoga. Parents of the children who attend our classes are delighted with the happy faces they see after a class with Mary! It is excellent value at €10 per child and €5 for each extra child.

Junior Kids Yoga is for ages 4-7years and runs every Wednesday from 16:00-16:45
Senior Kids Yoga is for ages 8-12years and runs every Wednesday from 17:00 – 17:50
Starting 13th of September 2017Pre-booking is essential!


Meditation by Donation

Find your inner peace with our Meditation, Chanting & Pranayama class. This is a donation based class for Cork Simon Community. The breath, the body and the mind are very closely linked; an action or change in one brings about a change in the others.  By developing control of your breath you can rejuvenate and revitalise your body, balance your emotions and create a clear thinking mind.

Workshops and Specialty Classes

We have a variety of excellent workshops and specialty classes for our students that you can see on our workshops page. We often run themes and focuses such as hip opening or back bending over the weekends which are known as specialist classes. You can attend any of our specialist classes  on your class pass or as a single class purchase. Workshop times and prices are on the workshop page.

A note on our style

Our Signature Series class is a blend of teachings and styles from Lalit’s masters and teachers in Mysore & Rishikesh in India. These teachings have been passed on to our teachers in Cork who have all studied and become qualified teachers with Lalit. All yoga asanas including the ones practiced in our classes are thousands of years old and belong only to the source of yoga and not one individual. Series’ and sequences are simply there to identify the way a class is put together- if it is yoga it is everyone’s! We call these classes our Signature Series as they are what we are most known for teaching at our schools all over the world.

A note on heat

We don’t need heaters to get you sweaty- we have teachers who will challenge you! In our classes we build an internal heat generated through movement, breath and bandhas.  Whilst an external heat in a heated room will make you sweat, we prefer our students to earn their sweat the traditional way – through movement, breath and building energy through a strong yoga practice.  Hot yoga is a new trend that is never practiced in India. In traditional schools, there are no heaters as  it creates a false sweat rather than a sweat we have built up from working hard. Aside from the physiological benefits of building heat from the inside out, an important part of passing on the teachings of yoga is that the student can practice what they have learned anywhere at any time without being dependent on the teacher or the temperature. Our rooms are always nice and cozy and well ventilated to support your yoga practice in a natural state.

A note on Levels

We encourage students to concentrate on progress without getting fixated on asanas they can or cannot “do” – there will always be postures that are more challenging for some than others. We can learn so much from each asana regardless of where we are within the pose. Provided we are practicing with integrity we can always progress. Remember that it is a yoga practice not a yoga perfect! If you wish to move from one level to another such as New beginnings to Bridge to Peak you can always try a class out and see how it feels. Modifications are always offered. If you are unsure of which class is for you we will happily guide you. Remember that there is no up and down in yoga- think of the different classes in a circle rather than a ladder. Students who have been practicing advanced classes can really benefit from taking a slower paced class and vice versa. Try to vary the classes you attend to enrich your practice.

Booking Classes

You can book any class online at the Booking & Schedule page. You can book these classes and pay on arrival.You can also drop in or call us and we will book it for you. Alternatively just drop in 10 minutes before your class. Please note that when booking online only the current week will show. Use the week forward button to book further in advance than one week. Please note the below schedule is regularly updated and we advise that you use the online schedule or get in touch to confirm your class. We look forward to welcoming you!