New Class Themes for June!

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We have over 100 classes in Ballincollig per month and over 130 classes online. Each month we run brand new themes across our classes to keep them fresh and engaging for our clients!

This June we have some really exciting new themes for online and in-person classes including our Brand New Class- Yoga for Chronic Pain and Conditions with Reena (starts June 10th)

This class takes place online through our Online Yoga Studio Ālaya Yoga Online every Friday at 18:45 and is great for those with chronic pain, chronic conditions, and those suffering from inflammation or long covid.

Ālaya Yoga Online Themes

Monday 7:15 Intermediate with Lalit – Yoga for Strength
Tuesday 11:00 Mixed Level  – Yoga for a Healthy Spine
Wednesday 17:45 Mixed Level – Arm Balances and Inversions
Thursday 7:15 Advanced Flow with Lalit – Core focus
Friday 7:15 Intermediate – Nurture the Nervous System

We also have some brand new class themes in Ballincollig, including our feature class Mindful Monday Hatha Yoga with Sonya at 10 am

Ballincollig Yoga Studio Themes 

Mindful Monday at 10:00 w/Sonya
Quads & Hamstrings Tuesday 18:45 w/Treasa
Finding Flow Wednesday 9:30 w/Karen
Backbends Focus Wednesday 17:30 w/Bernadette
Arm Balances & Inversions Thursday 18:45/Lalit
Chakra Flow Friday 9.30 w/Karen
Glutes & Cork Saturday 10.30 w/Jim
Twist & Flow Sunday 10.30am w/mary

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