Masterclass -Deep Rest for the Mind and Body with Jim November 26th, 2021

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We’re excited to announce our brand new Masterclass on November 26th!

Join Jim for Deep Rest for the Mind and Body in our Ballincollig studio for this 1.5-hour masterclass on deep relaxation.⠀

This Masterclass is free for members on our Unlimited Ballincollig Studio Membership and Hybrid Online and Ballincollig Membership, and just €20 for anyone else who wishes to book in!⠀

Deep Rest for the Mind and Body Masterclass

November 26th

A relaxing class that includes restorative poses and a yoga Nidra at the end.⠀
We will then move into a Restorative Yoga practise to release physical tension, deeply relax your body, still your mind and boost your immune system.⠀
This masterclass will help to relieve built-up stress (which we could all use right now) and the class will end with a Yog Nidra session to promote relaxation and have a profound effect on your sleep. ⠀

You will be lying down and will be talked through a body scan, breath awareness and visualisations to access your theta brain wave state for deep rest, transformation and healing.⠀

This Masterclass is Free for Members on Ballincollig Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership & Hybrid Membership ⠀
€20 for Drop in or Class Passes